Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Monday, February 06, 2012

Cebu philipines quake.and prediction for February 2012

 As mentioned earlier, some how found some time over night and now posting the probable dates for February 2012
  Saturn is stationed this week and changing direction, any aspect of Moon with planets changing the direction may induce quakes. Thus we have philipines quakes
 Now ,the probable dates rae
1)12th Feb 2012-----6.5
2)16th Feb ----------6.3
3)21st Feb ----------6.2
4)24th Feb----------6.4
Place not known
window period + or - one day
magnitude window + or - 0.3


Anonymous said...

Around 12feb earthquake energy increases in vanautu area.moon is heading toward it.

Anonymous said...

Small earthquakes frequency increases too much at peru region.sun also face this area for long time.a large earthquake of magnitude 8.2 is imminent in this area around 24 feb when moon also pressurize this area.

AMIT said...

please see my prediction fro August 2012 and to days (31st August 2012 ) quake of 7.6
A date hit prediction

also see and see calender aa well as FAQs