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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Earthquake prediction for balance dates of August 2012

 first of all, I am sorry for not posting dates of August 2012 in time. The work load at office is too much to spare some time for my hobby and calculations.
 Nevertheless,the remainimg dates are as follows
1)24/25th August---------6.6
2)31St August------------6.3


AMIT said...

as predicted a quake of 6.4 at Molucca sea to day ie 26th August see the accuracy of date and magnitude
window period -+ or - one day
magnitude window----+ or-0.3

Anonymous said...

period window of 23rd 24th 25th and 26th ! lol

Thought you was going to mention dates and stick to them.

You said 24th or 25th, nothing happened on these days and you left people worrying for 2 days for nothing .

Fake mate.

AMIT said...

Here is one thumb rule for lay man.
watch the USGS link below

The total numbers of quake mentioned on the upper side of the map are 320 quakes on last 7 days
Now when the number starts increasing from 200 above,watch
above 225 ,the week is prone to major quakes (6.5)
above 275 ,the week is prone to quake up to 7.0
above 300,the week is prone to quake 7.0+
These are my observations

Anonymous said...

Hi Amit

Took my site down, couldn't understand peoples logic, ie not being able to have more than one view point on a certain subject, after the effort and time put in, i lost the will.

Anyway, i will share with you and your followers some interesting info

At the moment, Isaac is steaming in to the gulf, at the same time, M7's are announced off of El Salvador etc.

The magnetometer that i had on my site shows constant action in the 2.4 Mhz range, and if you remember, that was the range that brought M7+ quakes with it.

I told people to watch for this and learn the patterns.

Here is a site that you will all find interesting, it has many installations shown on Google earth, in KLM form.

Specifically look at weather modification, where the sites are and where constant quakes have been happening over the last week ... watch the unusual path this latest Tropical storm takes.

You will find the following interesting


Page 8, starting with Aledia Centeno Rodriguez

Pure Power at its utmost

You mention out of the box
This is just the start, seek and you will find ... are you prepared for truth?

As i said, nothing is as it seems!

Have a nice day :)


Ps... People...if someone puts time and effort into helping other's, a thank you may be nice ;)
Ie the years Amit has dedicated... its called manners !

AMIT said...

Remember , we do not work for others approval.The hobby itself is satisfying.
No need to be sad.keep working,keep moving.
Journey it self is joy,no need to wait for destination to arrive

Anonymous said...

Hi Amit, its nothing to do with approval, its just polite to say thank you when you feel someone has put themselves out for you.

When you post a "as predicted " statement, you are acknowledging that your system worked on this call, a told you so if you like, and this is because no one speaks up and says well done, self assurance if you like, otherwise why mention it.

As for me , : ) im not sad, will just move on to the next project, life's a learning curve after all.
Unfortunately, most learnt is shocking in this world.

Yep, safe passage to you.


AMIT said...

hi my prediction of 31st August for 6,3 quake as against actual quake of 6.8 at Jan Mayhen Island to day ie 30 th August

AMIT said...

Yet again date hit prediction.7.6 quake at Philipine Island
Watsh the accuracy