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Friday, January 25, 2013

How differential pull on earth induce a quake or can erupt a volcano

1)Tidal pull on ocean creates several meters of high tides.It is actually not tidal pull but the differential pull on water due to Moon as well as center of earth.this is only the reason why we get high tide at the opposite end of the earth.It also depends on volume of water it acts.More the volume more the effect of differential pull.This is again the reason why we do not have measurable high tide in a pond.
  Now considering huge volume of semisolid fluids/magma in side the crust ( how many times more than ocean water?) it is also acted upon by the same differential pull. And in turn may have greater high tide (at X-X axis) and low tides( at Y-Y axis). when the these differential pull exceed the limit it creates thrust on earth crust from inside). When this pull comes beneath the weaker crust or fault line it break the crust. If it comes below a volcano mouth it can erupt a volcano, This is why the dates are also prone to eruptions.Now as earth moves in orbit and along axis it becomes difficult to pin point where and when it will be below a fault line
  the quakes occurs at plate boundaries only because they are weaker section and breaks first

  roger, what you are talking is force ,but it is deferential pull that water gains  the tides.
   what do you think,a force equipment to make mouse sneeze can move ocean waters by 4 to 6 mts high?



Roger Hunter said...


No, I don't think the tiny forces of the planets have any effect at all, especially when the much larger forces of the moon have negligible effect on quakes.


AMIT said...

look at one more hypothesis observed in predicting major quakes

Moon is the main trigger in major quakes(let people believe that the pull is so tiny that, it can hardly move a leaf.)The differential pull induce 4 to 6 mtr of high tides in oceans
Main point (hypothesis) is like this
Maximum declination( both north and south) of Moon plays major role in quake trigger.When Moon reaches max declination and then moves back ,it creates a sort of jerk (change in momentum due to direction change).
Most of the 7+ quakes are observed on dates with maximum declinations combined either Moon at perigee or full moon/new moon

These dates when Moon reaches 27 degrees north or south, when combines with one or two more triggers can give 7+ quakes

Anonymous said...

Hi Amit

As you know, i believe the sun is the main factor concerning earthquakes... ie the last largest (M5.9) last week which happened just after i mentioned the first contact of the coronal hole.

Since then, the sun has a lack of sunspots, the large coronal hole has moved away from earth centralization, no sunspots on the eastern limb, solar flux low, although KP Levels have had a factor of 4...and we have seen a few mid M5's etc..

lets see the state of play when the next quake happens.

5th Feb 2013 is the closest the moon will be to the earth this month, lets see if distance has any effect on this date?

363288KM from the earth.

363286KM on the 9th January.

We need to remember that there are 4 spot in the ocean that are considerable higher in wave height/water volume than any other place in the oceans and this is caused by wind pressure.

Be safe

Jazzman :)

Anonymous said...

Bang on Jazzman , M6.8 on edge of coronal hole along with M6.2 and a few other M6's

well done, and thank you for sharing your findings, websites .