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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Theory of earthquake prediction-tidal forc and momentum change

Thank you very much. You have taken enough pains to prove me wrong and to save science from so called Astrologers. I will not take much time and not write a thesis.
However, few points need to be clarified here.
( A) First thing first-At the out set, please remove the idea/ block that, this is an Astrology and there fore it must be wrong, or baseless. The theory is based on pure science .rather physics and it is based on Gravitational pull acting on two bodies .It requires calculation of pull, mass1*mass2/ square of the distance between two objects.
It is also not correct that, the theory is only based only on tidal forces. It also takes in to account the change in Momentum (mass*velocity ) of the molten magma due to either change in direction of the major planets or extreme speed of the planets. This occurs when planets change their direction (apparent) from direct to Retro gate or retro gate to direct.. Extreme speed of the planets also plays an important role to accelerate or retard the momentum.
planet normal speed extreme speed days of extreme speed
minutes-seconds minutes -seconds in ayear
Mars 31-26 46-11 15
mercury 59-08 131-32 10
Jupiter 5-0 14-04 45
Venus 59-08 75-42 1 0
Saturn 2-0 07-45 180
you see the speed /acceleration change due such variation and when multiplied with mass it can make a huge difference.
I shall now give method of predicting a major quake
(a)First-we need to Find out the month and date when major planets, Jupiter and Saturn changes the directions. or having excessive speed. Venus and Mercury are also considered for quakes of less intensity (<6.5)
(b) Second- Find out the dates immediately after (a) above ,when moon (trigger)either joins ,opposes, or squares the planets changing the direction or the planet having excessive speed.
Also find out full moon, new moon , low neap tide moon dates and time immediately after (a) above.
As moon is the main trigger the dates and time (+/- 2Hrs ) are fixed by moon.. this is because moon takes 2 Hrs to move one degree
(C) Third-place-The place depends on two things
Finding place accurately is very difficult, as it depend on time accuracy. If we miss 4 minutes we are away by one longitude
The line along the vector resultant pull of all forces and the crust right above the pull at that time It is true that quakes occur along fault line ,that is only because those are weaker sections. If the crust is solid the quake may wait for some time (2 to 4 Hrs ) till it comes right below fault line or may come little early depending on availability of weaker crust
THE PLATES AND FAULTS ARE DUE TO QUAKES AND QUAKES ARE NOT DUE TO PLATES. Plates and faults are effects of quakes and not cause of the quake
On some given date (say,16 th September 2008) there are lot of quakes all over the globe and on various plates not related to each other. How do we explain this with Plate tectonics?
(d) intensity- The intensity depends on several things like
#one or more planets changing direction( for momentum change )
# Full moon ,New moon , low neap tide moon ( for tidal force calculation )
#Planets having extreme speed ( for momentum change)
#Moon at apogee or perigee ( for tidal force calculation )
# Earth nearest to Sun ( for tidal force calculation )
# Moon on equator ( for tidal force calculation )
# Moon or sun at extreme declination ( for momentum change )
#sun and moon having same declinations ( for momentum change )
#Aspects of other planets ( for tidal force calculation )
# eclipse( when sun and moon are in the same plane) ( for tidal force calculation)
(D) Earthquake cycle- Once the date and time of major quake is decided ,we need to observe the dates before and after the selected dates ,the other dates for pre shocks and after shocks. These will occur before and after seven and half days, 15 days , 23rd day and one month. This is because moon takes yet another potent position after each seven and half days (90 Degrees movement). Please note these pre and after shock may not be at the same place.
That is why I have added few more dates in my prediction .(that too well in advance )
We also need to track the date from one month in advance and adjust according to pre shock signals.
(B)Reply to Mr kher’s remarks
(i) Yes .September 2008 was the month of major quakes as well as disasters. Make total of September quakes as against average quakes
(ii) cyclone theory- The tidal forces with change in momentum also applies to atmosphere and moisture in the air. The high tide line creates high pressure and low tide line creates low pressure zone in the atmosphere. The more the tidal force ,the more the low pressure zone. This pressure difference creates high speed winds. If it happen to be ocean with 26-27 degree temp band, over which the winds blows it may create a cyclone.( DO YOU FIND ANY THING UN SCIENTIFIC IN THIS ?)
(iii) 100 % prediction- Why do we need 100 % prediction in initial stage? Why do we need either 0% or 100 % prediction ? Why we can not progress smoothly?
Forget earthquake prediction. Do we have cent percent weather forecast? Can we predict cloud burst with accuracy ,despite having Doppler Radar? Can we predict land fall of cyclones ,despite having satellite images with 72 hours lead time ? Why only sciences have liberty to learn from error? or self correction? Are we hypocrites? Are we working blind fold in the name of science? Do we have keyhole view of the problem? Are we not ready to think out of the box?
Did any-body find any thing astrological in my theory mentioned above?
(iv) Satara quake – All quakes were due to tidal force on all dates mentioned.
I would say all major quakes are due to tidal force coupled with change in momentum.. More than 25 quakes in a day ,Where was the stress and strain ? All over the Globe? How on earth plate tectonic justify this? Are they on same plate boundaries? Was that built up stress ? Residual Stress ? No idea.
NEXT CHALLANGE- January 2009 will be a quake prone / Natural disaster prone month. IF you want dates, they are
2,4,11,12,15,23,25/26 th January 2009
Year long challenge- I shall give you 36 dates (10% of the year) for major quakes (6.8 and above ) for the year 2009.
It means there will be about 10% quakes on these dates .
How if 90% of major quakes occur on these 10% dates ?
Note-( I)-University of California, LA Department of earth and space science researchers have published an Article in “science” ,that states out of 2000 quakes they have studied between 1997 -2000 (>5.5) ,75 % quakes were at the time of high tides in the ocean
One big quake could trigger another –half way across the globe.-this is the findings of a team of Geologist in USA .”They could be of any size” said Parsons , who in previous research identified eight cases in the last quarter century in which 7.0 or bigger quake had lead to another that was even bigger
Is this not enough justification of the prone dates ?
Researcher Alexandar kahlinsky at NASA’s Goddard space flight centre in Greenbelt recently found a” Dark flow “ which they say is the Gravitational pull of matter that is across billions of light years .
What do we know about travel of the Gravitational pull across the space?
Amit dave
Astrologer / Engineer


Mr. Tony said...

mr. Dave,
Excellent work.
I wonder for my sake for the dates in january predicted if you could let us know the reasoning based on your theory for the earthquake prediction and intensity. For example 2nd jan you predict earthquake why? What is the reason based on the theory?

Mr. Tony said...

Another comment. Is there a program which allows us to predict the tide lines over a country so as we can predict the suspect areas of location of the earthquakes? I have found free tide program but it is for one location and does not show the line over a location. How do you find the suspect areas?
Mr. Tony

AMIT said...

Thank you Tony
first pl not recent pakistan quake and the theory rules. New Moon sharp at the time of quake. Moreover Mercury has changed Direction
second - First requirement for a major quake (>6.5) is to find out Jupitor or Saturn changing the direction. Mercurry and Venus for quakes up to 6.5 Magnitude
on 2nd January 2009 , saturn changing direction on 30th Dec 2008 and moon opposing Saturn (which is changing direction)
Thus , this may cause imbalance in internal magma
In January 2009 Both Saturn and mercurry Changing the Direction .Hence ,more quakes / cyclones in January 2009
second - I am not aware of any ready made soft were, however Docks and Harbours may be using one
Amit dave

Anonymous said...

We agree.

Anonymous said...

In the event that you and your peers aren't 100% certain, and one or more of
you've got niggling doubts, don't hire!

Anonymous said...

You're completely and utterly WRONG and appear
to have an unhealthy obsession with wanting me personally to shoot something.