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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vanuatu earthquakes 7.1 and 7.0 as predicted

Here are two major quakes
7.1 at Vanuatu on 20th August 1655
7.0 at Vanuatu on 20th August 1819

What do you think ,it is hit (7+) date or miss?The predicted date time and magnitude are as follows

22nd August at 0130 UTC and 7.0 magnitude

Your opinions are requested
While writing this ,I am aware that my predictions are for + or - one day window period( which are very stringent for 7.0 quake prediction and also that these quakes are just outside (6Hrs) window period


AMIT said...

A 4.2 quake at NZ on 22nd August 2011

AMIT said...


A strong quake of 6.0 strikes Japan on 22nd August at 1123 UTC


KT MT said...

Dear AMIT,pls see this: 7.0+ earthquake global & 6.5+ earthquake global

From UTC 2011-08-20 to UTC 2011-08-22 or from UTC 2011-08-30 to UTC 2011-08-31 EMSC 7.0+ earthquake global.
UTC 2011-08-20 EMSC 6.5+ earthquake global.

Anonymous said...

A 5.9 msgnitude quake strikes Virginia, Washington on 23rd Aug at 1:51pm ET.

alexis said...

I' sure we can arrive to better results working together. So, Please, send a copy to the sci. geo.earthquakes, Google Group, at least once a month.