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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Major Quakes occured in first week of January 2010

please note my predictions regarding major earthquakes in first week of January 2010.
There were seris of major quakes (>6.5) occured in first week,including one major quake(7.2 ),with tsunami waves.
I have certain ponts to be raised to USGS
1) Is it not worthwhile to predict major quakes (>7.0) with this accuracy?
2) Why do we need prediction either 0% or 100%? can we not start with accuracy of more than 60%?
3) Are we not open to any theory other than plate tectonics?
4) If my prediction accuracy is a matter of chance, anybody has the same probability as of mine.
I hereby request anyone(in general and USGS in perticular) to give dates of probable major quakes (>6.8) . I hall than post dates of major quakes till 31st December 2010. We will observe the date sgiven by both for accuracy
5) Some times scientists predict major quakes ,say in Himalaya,either tomorrow or 100 years later. Now ,what is the use of such predictions?
6)Are we ready to think out of the box?


John said...

Well done,

I have predicted similar. Between the 4th of January & the 17th of February. Haiti has no been hit. There is still room for a few more between now & the 17th of February.

The next major natural disaster will be in June / July 2010.


AMIT said...

Thanks John.
If it is a matter of life for people,let us work on this topic. Let us think keeping aside our prejudice ,that plate tectonic is the only theory for earthquakes and its prediction
Amit Dave

Libby said...

Hi Amit,
I'm Febby from Indonesia...
Can you help me to give me some prediction about time&places for the next earthquake in Indonesia. That's because India and Indonesia has similiar plate tectonic.Isn't it? And if you don't mind please reply to my email :


tribhuan said...


I live in Shillong, India. The place has been predicted to be hit by major earthquake soon. I feel there would be an earthquake tonight/tomorrow. Dogs been howling. Animals are a good source of prediction..does it ring a bell..lets go back to earth where we belong..

AMIT said...

Febby and Tribhuan
Do not worry. As of now place can not be predicted. The Idea of prediction is not to make people feel unsecured.Dogs are howling and barking all he time.
Amit Dave

Anup said...

There has to be some way of measuring crustal deformation and getting to know the region/place. It just helps.......

zi hafler said...

Hi, I'm zi from Singapore. A holyman had inform about the boxing day 2004 and it happened. His predecessor had warned that a big one will happen at end of the month. Likely to strike on friday which will affect singapore and countries/islands nearby. A group of scientist had predicted a few days ago that a big one like 2004 will hit padang which is near to singapore and this worries me. I writing this as my country is not prepared for this kind of emegency.

AMIT said...

Dont worry.As of today places can not be predicted and hence no need to worry

dan said...

hi i'm daniel from shillong... there had been earthquake predictions on the 25 oct this yr... any 1 heard bout it

Anonymous said...

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