Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Friday, October 21, 2011

6.1 Earthquake at Japan , quake at Gujarat 5.3 and at San Francisco

 Several earthquakes reported on predicted date ie 21st October 2011

1) japan ---6.1

2) Gujarat---5.3

3)San Francisco--4

 Though, it is right on target, the magnitude predicted was 6.6. Thus ,strictly speaking (+ or - one day--correct and  + or - 0.3 magnitude is out of window

 Nonetheless, it can be stated that , major quakes can be predicted


1 comment:

AMIT said...

yet another 7,6 at kermadic Islsnd near NZ on predicted date ie 21st october 2011.
Chancea of 7+ quake occuring on any random date are vey less