Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

7.3 Earthquake at Eastern Turkey killing hundreads of people


7.3 quake at eastern turkey on 23rd October 2011 , killing hundreads of people

Moon never goes station, also the Sun. Both remain always direct.They do not have any apperent backward motion

Oct 21 to 23 rd were specifically selecte for several reason

Jupiter is closest- 3.9 AU ( Astronomical Units ie average distance of Earth to Sun)

Moon Closest 57.5 ER ( Earth Radious)

Moon at Equater on 22/23 rd Oct

Moon Squaring Jupiter and Sun besides Squaring Saturn and Venus

But the main point is closenes of Jupiter and Moon to Earth

 I have some questions to all those who think my dates are no good than radom dates given by any body

What are the odds of having 7+ quakes (more than one ) on random dtaes/window period of date?
What are the chances of  two dufferent tectonic plates developing rupture on the same day?
Are some dates prone to major quakes?
How do plate tectonic explain intra plate quakes? like one of 5.3 at Gujarat recentely
Are we not ready to look at any  theory other than plate tectonics?
 Are scientist , geologist and seismologist not wasting tax payers money ,on a theory, which they themself believe can not predict quakes?

 If some one  is skeptical, let us observe the dates given by anybody any comare them with my dates as well as actual quakes



Roger Hunter said...


So far in 2011 there have been 19 quakes of mag 7+ and you have captured only 4 of them.

That's about what chance would allow so you have no reason to think your method has any value.


AMIT said...

Looking at 15 quakes of 7+ per annum ,the odds are
15/120 (window) ie 1/8
and 4/19 is say 1/5
So it is better than average