Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

7.4 earthquake at Kermadec , near NZ on predicted date

yet another 7.4 at Kermadec Island near NZ on predicted 21st October 2011
How long we can keep our eyes close and say all these quakes are by chance? Time amd again the accuracy of date has been proved.
I have also requested New Zealand Govt to look in to the matter


Anonymous said...

Hi Amit, what was the prediction based on for the quake of 21st Oct? Was it the moon something station?
Thank you in anticipation.

AMIT said...

1) 7.3 quake at eastern turkey on 23rd October 2011 , killing hundreads of people
2) Answer t0 question
Moon never goes station, also the Sun. Both remain always direct.They do not have any apperent backward motion
Oct 21 to 23 rd were specifically selecte for several reason
Jupiter is closest- 3.9 AU ( Astronomical Units ie average distance of Earth to Sun)
Moon Closest 57.5 ER ( Earth Radious)
Moon at Equater on 22/23 rd Oct
Moon Squaring Jupiter and Sun besides Squaring Saturn and Venus
But the main point is closenes of Jupiter and Moon
Amit to Earth