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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Results of earthquake prediction for the year 2012,till July

Here are predicted dates and actual quakes for the current year till July 2012

 And here are actual quakes (hits)

Predicted date and quake-------- Actual quake date and magnitude

1)9th Jan 2012 (6.5)------------Actual --9th (6.4 and  on 10th 7.2)
2)23rd Jan-(6.3)-----------------22nd-(6.0),23rd-(6.1),24th (6.3)
3)8th March-(6.7)----------------9th(6.7)
4)14/15th March-(6.5)------------14th(6.9,6.1,6.2)
5)21st March-(6.4)----------------20th(6.1,7.4),21st(6.6)
6)15th April(6.3)-----------------------14th(6.2,6.2) ,15th(6.2)
7)22Nd April-(6.2)-----------------21st (6.7,6.0),23rd(6.0)
8)14th May(6.3)-------------------14th(6.2)
9)4th June(6.6)------------------4th (6.3,6.3),5th(6.1)
10)29Th June(6.6)---------------29th(6.3)
11)19th July(6.2)---------------20th(6.0)
12)29Th July(6.8)---------------28th(6.5)
 These are up to July  2012 only
These are strictly as per norms ie + or - one day and + or - 0.3 mag
 Up to July 2012 only there are 12 hits


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