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Friday, January 08, 2010

Earthquakes for the year 2010

The probable dates for major eartquakes for the year 2010 will be posted soon ,caclulated using fo;;owing guidelines
1) After my 15 years ofresearch on the earthquake prediction I have found that
a) Major Earthquakes do occur on full Moon and New moon day.(rarely on neap tide dates).
b) All full moon and new moon dates are not prone to major quakes . Factors to be watched are
i) Moon nearset to earth
ii) earth nearest to sun
iii) Jupitor nearest to earth
iv) Major planets(Jupitor,Saturn and Venus) are changing the direction from direct to retrogate or vice a versa
v) Aspects of other planets with Moon and Earth
vi) Declination of Moon and Sun
vii) Eclipses
The dates can be fine tuned according to above perameters.
c) Time is decided by the hour Moon aspects/opposes or joins Sun or Jupitor.
D) Intensity is judged by the proximity or clear aspects.
2) You have given 12 days in amonth( 6 days for full moon and 6 days for new moon.) ie 40% of days.Accuracy expected is more than 50% for quakes more than 6.5.
3) I shall give( with in couple of days) 30 dates for the year 2010.It means 8.3% of dates . I expect accuracy more than 75%
4) can we not help people ( at quake prone places ) to remain alert on ,say 10% odd dates?
wait and watch
Amit Dave

1 comment:

AMIT said...

The dates for year 2010 are already posted on this blog on 10th January 2010.
An pen invitation to all, who wish to take part in , is posted as-
An open invitation-where in people are requested to give dates of probable quakes at random ,which will checked against my dates , till December 2010