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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sequence of aftershocks

It is interesting to observe that,major aftershocks at place where major quake has occurred ,is observed after 7 and half days and after 15 days (approximately). we have first major aftershock on 20/21st January 2010 at Haiti. By that sequence yet another major aftershock may occur on 28/29 th January 2010.
Time and again I have noticed this pattern.This is because,Moon plays a major role in triggering the earthquakes. After each 7 and half days Moon acquires next position exactly 90 degrees apart . Thus ,till the potent combinations is faded aftershocks continues,(in diminishing scale)


Mr. Tony said...

Hi David,

I have done a search and at least half of the strong earthquakes like >7R do not comply with your theory.. In other words, yes some times station planets produce quakes but there is more to it. Some times there is not station planets near the quake but there is stronger earthquake. For example for 7.5 to 8R earthquakes only a few around, your theory does not have a single case working.
Do you agree?

horaaurora said...

any comment about HAARP?

AMIT said...

Hi Tony
I have something different to say.
Major earthquakes occur when following thing happen
1) Major planets like Jupiter and Saturn ( often Venus) changes their direction from direct to retro gate or from retro gate to direct.Take recent example of Haiti quake.Saturn was changing direction from direct to retro gate on the same day ie13th January 2010. Cluster of major quakes occur near such changes ,when Moon also joins or opposes such planets or Sun.
That is why full Moon and New Moon after such change in direction brings Major quakes.
26th January 2001 quake of Gujarat -Bhuj- also had Saturn changing direction as well as new Moon day
Take one more example of 15 th June 1986 Japan quake (28000 dead ) when Jupiter was changing the direction as well as a new Moon day.
On 12th June 1897 -Shilong quake of 8.7- both Jupiter and Saturn were changing the direction
I have analysed nearly 2000 quake data before such conclusion.
The reason is , when major planets changes the direction they either accelerate or retards (breaks) momentum of molten lava under the earth crust and hence breaking part of the crust. If the crust is punctured ,it gives volcanic eruption
2. When Jupiter (often venus and Mars ) comes very close to earth such clusters of quakes are seen.
3. Aspect of planets,phases of Moon,declinations, speed of planets are some of the other things need to be watched for fine tuning the quake predictions.

horaaurora said...

so HAARP does not affect or work as conspiracy theories suppose?

Mr. Tony said...

Hi Amit,

The following >8R earthquakes from the last 6 years I see no connection with your theory.
Please let me know which one of those complies as I have not been able to find the connection.

2009-09-29 17:48:11.2 15.42 S 172.13 W 10
Mw 8.1 SAMOA ISLANDS REGION 2009-09-30 06:27
2007-09-12 11:10:21.5 4.40 S 101.36 E 10
Mw 8.4 SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA 2007-09-13 08:02
2007-04-01 20:39:55.0 8.33 S 156.90 E 10 f Mw 8.1 SOLOMON ISLANDS 2007-04-04 09:47
2007-01-13 04:23:22.3 46.29 N 154.56 E 30
Mw 8.2 EAST OF KURIL ISLANDS 2007-01-13 05:41
2006-11-15 11:14:15.2 46.66 N 153.35 E 30
Mw 8.3 KURIL ISLANDS 2006-11-15 16:14
2005-03-28 16:09:32.5 2.16 N 97.17 E 10
Mw 8.6 NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA 2005-03-28 19:34
2004-12-26 00:58:50.7 3.50 N 95.72 E 10
Mw 9.3 OFF W COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA 2004-12-26 02:40

AMIT said...

hi Tony
pl note
1) 29th sept 2009
jupiter channging direction on
1st oct 2009,moon joing Jupiter and jupiter very close 4.3 Au distance( till 5.5Au Jupiter is to be considered)
2) 12th sept 2007& 13th Sept 2007-New Moon day, venus changing direction,.jupiter at 5.3Au
3)1st April 2007-9 th April predicted (see Blog),Full Moon day. Jupiter and Saturn both changing direction within short sapn, Jupiter at 4.9 Au
4) 15 th NOV 2006-19 th was alredy predidted (see blog)
28th March 2005-Preducted (see blog)sat changing direction,Moon square to sat and Jupiter at 4.4Au
5)26Th Dec 2004-Full Moon day,Sat retro gate,Moon extreme north declination,Mercury changing direction,Jupiter at 5.5 Au distance.
Amit dave

AMIT said...

One more proof to my quake cycle theory
In November 2010, 6+ quakes occured on 3rd,10th, 16/17th ,23rd and 30th November 2010. All quakes (except on 16/17th ---5.9) were 6+
This proves quake sequence or what is termed as quake cycle theory
In fact ,this is easist way to predict major aftershock after a major quake of 7+

AMIT said...

forthcomming lunar eclipse on full Moon ie 21st December 2010 with other parameters may give a quake of 6.5+.(place not known )

please see my new web pge for theory, dates ,FAQs , links etc