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Friday, January 15, 2010

January 2010 earthquakes

pl note series of major earthquakes came in the first/second week of the January, including HAITI
watch the dates through out the year 2010.


Sydney Ray said...

Dear Amit, I appreciate what you are trying to achieve. I live in the Caymans and just experienced a 5.8 jolt. This morning Haiti experienced another 6.3 earthquake. Based on your earlier predictions for 2010 would you be able to pin point the places of future earthquakes?

thank you,


AMIT said...

Sydney Ray
I am still working on the probale places. However, pinpointing the places is not accurate because the line of resulantant pull of planets and Moon changes with earth rotation as well as revoluation both.If the time accuracy is not +or- 4 minutes the place is lost.
Nevertheless, It is possible in principle. If we work on this topic full time and atleast for one year.
Amit Dave

AMIT said...

pl note a major after shock of 6.1 occurred on Wednesday ie 8 days after major quake of 7.2.
As check my theory given on this blog. Moon plying the major role in quakes, major aftershocks occur after 7 and half days,because Moon acquires next potent position 90 degrees apart of original major quake position
slowly the potency of combination reduces and after 15 days (180 degrees apart) it may fade away.
regards Amit dave

Sydney Ray said...

thanks...and keep me posted on new developments.